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Events & Getting Involved

We are so happy you’re interested in getting involved with our work here at Prime Fit Youth Foundation. There are so many ways for you to help, and we truly appreciate each and every effort. By lending your support, you’ll become a valuable part of our efforts and help strengthen our impact.

Upcoming Events:

1. PALS (summer 2024). Click here to register.

2. SCORE. Click here to register.   

Past Events:

1. Paddle for a Purpose  
2. Rockin' The Runway

Make a Donation

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Raise Awareness


You Can Make a Difference

Wondering how to give back and be a part of a transformative program that helps so many people? It’s always the right time to donate and become an invaluable part of our success.

Become an Active Member

We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to become actively involved. If you are looking for a fulfilling means in which to be a part of our efforts, then it’s time to Raise Awareness and join Prime Fit Youth Foundation efforts.

Every Contribution Counts

Do you feel called to be a part of our work and support one of our teams? If you’ve decided to Volunteer, rest assured that your time spent contributing to the work of Prime Fit Youth Foundation will be felt by the people that need it most.

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