About Us

Prime Fit Youth Foundation


Charitable Mission: 
The charitable mission of Prime Fit Youth Foundation is to provide resources, support, and mentoring to youth in the areas of health, wellness, fitness, sports, and education.

Core Values: Respect, responsibility, tenacity, communication, honesty, loyalty, and integrity.

Our DEI strategy has five overarching goals: (1) Culture (Ensure that organization leaders at all levels promote the vision and case for DEI by taking actions to increase diversity and equity in all initiatives and programming and maintain an inclusive space for all school staff, students, mentors, and volunteers); (2) Communication (Develop compelling messages, including opportunities for dialogue, that encourage all stakeholders to see the importance of DEI to their personal success and the success of our organizations); (3) Consistency (Mature the DEI model to improve the consistency of desired outcomes by strengthening policies and procedures, utilizing technology, and enhancing training. (4) Community (Encourage DEI in all organizational activities and within partnership agencies, and foster inclusion in the educational system).
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Teon Wilson, CPT: As an entrepreneur, athlete, and philanthropist, Teon founded Prime Fit Youth Foundation as a way to positively impact the lives of youth in the community.  He has been involved with youth sports and youth mentoring for several years and is a life-long athlete himself. 

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Kimberly Wilson, PhD: As an educator, Kimberly firmly believes in the power of mentoring and education to change lives. She's been active in philanthropic work for numerous years and has served on several advisory boards within the community. 



We are seeking a few qualified collegiate and high school interns! Contact us if you are interested!