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What Does it Mean to be "Prime Fit?"

We often get mistaken for just a fitness organization or personal trainers. While we both do that too, Prime Fit is much more!


We say that in order to be "Prime Fit" one must be

*Academically Fit

*Emotionally Fit

*Physically Fit


As such, we offer services in all three areas.


After spending significant time in schools serving students from economically disadvantaged homes, it became clear to us that classrooms and teachers need to reimagine academic and social emotional learning. In fact, many of the students “act out” because they don’t understand the academic content. 

Grounded in research, our program aims to support the academic and nonacademic needs of K-8 students through a unified solution that includes empirically-supported academic support in tandem with embedded, intentional supports for social emotional learning (SEL).


The academic component of our program  presents an equitable and rigorous differentiated curriculum that allow students to, within their zone of proximal development, apply literacy and math skills learned during core instructional time. The SEL components provide for daily SEL lessons in the classroom along with school-based mentoring which provides an additional layer of support for learners. I

Other Services

Afterschool health, wellness, fitness programming

Professional development for teachers


Tutoring services

Restorative Justice practices

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